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Managing Director

IT  & Securities, Dubai

Over the course of the year, with periodic coaching sessons, I have realized a tremendous difference in myself resoluting in a sharp upturn in confidence, self esteem, positivity and motivation.

As a result, there has been an improvement in work - my clients... have referred us to their partners and friends. Being a young company, and additional benefit of coaching with you, we have become a lot more active due to new clients and opportunities, assisted in improving my networking skills, making it easier to communicate and allowing me to connect better.


Being a business owner, there are benefits I was looking for and to your credit, we have achieved these.

IT & Securities

S.Andreea Milhalcea

Bucharest Chamber of  Commerce

Elf Coaching - Keynote Speaker: "Overcoming Stress" for Arab Business Club


It was well organized and the speakers were carefully selected and expert in their fields. The topics presented were useful in running the day-to-day operations.

Bucharest Chamber of Commerce

Associate Director

Fortune 200 Company, Dubai

Elfie had a way of being present throughout my journey of self discovery that was very natural and made me feel very safe - it is this skill/presence that enabled me to feel courageous in being vulnerable and visiting dark places.


To put it in another way, it was like she was walking beside me holding up a light but always there if I needed to grab her hand!

Fortune 200 Company

Automotive Industry, Philippines

The experience we have had so far has proven that working together with other department heads and meeting their own teams regularly gives them the opportunity to discuss the plans that need to be implemented to improve the overall operations of the business. Elfarina is really sincerely connected with the team.

Automotive Industry, Philippines

It was a refresher on the need to continuously raise the bar on how employees are nurtured and empowered to get them engaged in the execution of the company's objectives, its mission and vision.

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