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Innovate Your Approach, Elevate Your Impact, Celebrate Your Growth

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Foreword from Elfarina Zaid,

Co-Founder ELF Coaching

Partnering People, Transforming Organizations 



With self,

With partners,

At home, work …

and the world?

From VUCA to chaos, our world is shifting.

What is the container which we can hold the space for compassion, rejuvenation and generative dialogues?

Generative dialogues where we

Hold polarities

Hold discourse with understanding and respect

Shift from being reactive to being responsive

Shift from IQ and EQ to We-Q

Focus beyond the Self

to Teams,

Organizations and Systems

As our world shifts, so is ICF; shifting to elevate the importance of Team Coaching and Supervision. The parallel process to enable us to be ready to support others through this complexity and chaos.

Innovate our ways of working – coaching and leading

Elevate our relationship processes alongside work processes

Celebrate our collective intelligence and partnerships

If we want to shift from tolerating pain to co-creating the world we want to see, the time is now.

Start with the person next to you

Start with your most important relationships

Start with your partner

Because relationships matter.

'Singapore’s largest and the most prominent annual conference for coaches and coaching practitioners'

ICF Singapore Charter Chapter


For International Coaching Week 2024, Elf Coaching is proud to present our theme: "Partnering People, Transforming Organizations." This theme embodies our commitment to fostering meaningful connections between individuals and teams to create lasting impact within organizations. By prioritizing partnership, we believe in empowering people to work together harmoniously, leveraging each other's strengths, and achieving shared goals. Through transformative coaching, we strive to cultivate environments where collaboration, innovation, and growth thrive.

Join us during this special week as we celebrate the powerful role of coaching in shaping resilient, adaptive, and high-performing organizations. Let's partner together to unlock potential and drive transformative change!

'Partnering People,
Transforming Organizations'

We are the diamond sponsor at this year's event!

ph. ICF Singapore 

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ICF Singapore
In-Person Conference

13th May & 17th May

The In-person event organized by ICF Singapore at Raffles Town Club. We were also delighted to be the Diamond Sponsor at the event this year.

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Podcast - #ELFPosé

14th, 15th, 17th May


Elf Coaching is thrilled to announce the soft launch of our podcast series "Elfposé" during International Coaching Week 2024! This exciting new series features in-depth conversations with prominent guests such as Singapore's comedy legend Kumar, activist Sarah Bagharib, and Design Collection Denmark's Michael Ostegaard.

"Elfposé" delves into diverse topics surrounding coaching, leadership, and personal growth, providing unique perspectives and valuable insights. Each episode brings engaging discussions with influential personalities, highlighting their journeys, experiences, and the transformative power of coaching.

Virtual session with
Elfarina Zaid

CEO, ELF Coaching

In this session, you will get the highlights on:

WHY: Systems approach is an emerging trend in coaching individuals, teams and organizations

HOW: To Innovate and Elevate your coaching approach to see from the lens of a Systems Approach


WHAT: Relationship Systems Intelligence® is and how it paves the way to coaching and Systems Inspired Leadership

ICW 2024 Webinar with
Keiko Muramatsu & Elfarina Zaid

19th May 2024

In this session, you will participate in:

• What is World Work? What it means to you and why it is important?
• World Work in Asia Pacific
• Understand why Systems Inspired Coaching is needed and reflect on the need to listen to the Voices of the System
• A facilitative dialogue to share collective wisdom and support as colleagues and practitioners


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