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Virtual ORSC Intermediate Series Outline

Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching

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ORSC™ Intermediate Series Overview 

Our world today requires us to navigate the interconnectedness and repercussions of systems. 


With Relationship Systems Intelligence™ (RSI), your capacity to read, understand and intentionally interact with the dynamics of human relationship systems equips you with the mindset, skillset and heart set to work and lean on one of the most critical systems of our times.


Pioneered by Marita Fridjhon and Faith Fuller, leaders in the systems coaching and leadership world, the Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) Program is tailored as a practitioners’ toolkit in a coaching program for working with any relationship systems as teams, families, partnerships and organizations.

The Intermediate Series continues to explore the groundbreaking ORSC model with a systems thinking approach in mastering and empowering your relationships at work and in life through change, disruption and potential.

Course Series Outline


Change is inevitable. Change is seen as constant and necessary. The ability to navigate change is a hallmark of systemic health. This module explores the Roadmap for Change and the role emotions play in the human relationship systems.

This course provides a robust toolkit for increasing emotional resilience in the face of change. Learn how to help others establish a “locus of control” in negotiating change. Acquire and develop the skillset to support clients/your team when dealing with difficult circumstances with dignity and wisdom; moving from Emotional Intelligence to include Social Intelligence culminating in Relationship Systems Intelligence™.

In short, this module tackles one of the most important catalysts for change i.e. hearing from all the different stakeholders as the voices towards OWNERSHIP and BUY IN. Be adept at addressing emotional and psychological safety and uncover how to cross minimum viable edges to accelerate efforts in change management, organizational development and transformation. 


Geography builds on Intelligence. When ‘buy in’ to navigate emotional fields in dealing with change is established, the need to recognize and nurture structure, processes and roles people play in teams, partnerships and tasks at work is next. This is where the rubber hits the road.


This module equips you with its simple and elegant tools. You will develop the skills, mindset and heart-set to deepen the awareness of and leverage the relationship system’s diversity and how to identify, harness and optimize its collective intelligence for success. You learn to see people beyond the roles they play in the system and instead, move towards the roles the system relies on to be occupied. This establishes that nothing is held as ‘personal’ in the system and therefore instead of asking “Who is doing what to whom”, the attention is on “What is trying to happen emerge” as systems are in a constant state of emergence.

Module 4: ORSC PATH

Relationships (i.e. systems) are inherently generative – they produce something the moment two or more people get together. What is created is the narrative or culture or plans or ideas. In this Module, the focus is on partnerships as a creative force, and examine sophisticated concepts like the Path of Relationship, Quantum Physics and Dreams while exploring how to create a shared vision and a strategic plan for achieving that vision. You will learn to work with narratives and how to build from there. In this module, we explore how to locate a “myth crisis” and work to manifest a new myth or narrative.

In Path, you are provided with a set of tools for working with conflict; crucial when dealing with relationship dynamics. Since most conflicts arise when people don’t share the same vision nor the same “consensus reality”, the first step to mitigating conflict intentionally in the systems approach is to be aware of those differences.


In this final module of the Organization and Relationship Systems™ Coaching curriculum, Systems Integration is the Move Toward Mastery. This module integrates the learning lab where you ‘fuse’ the dimensions of Intelligence, Geography and Path through hands on practice, group Supervision, a deepened understanding of the underpinning of the model and practice, practice, practice.

This module marks the completion of the ORSC ICF ACSTH Program.

Virtual Training

Gain mastery in coaching and leading teams remotely through the Virtual ORSC Program. The 5 ORSC Modules offers high interaction, retains experiential learning steeped in rigour and direct application throughout all of our program. Beyond accessing more than 30 tools which can be facilitated in person, and remotely, be connected to a community of world workers and Systems Practitioners across APAC in the upcoming Virtual Series.

ICF Accreditation

By completing the ORSC Intermediate course, you you will receive a certificate and qualify for 18 ICF Continuous Coaching Education Units (CCEUs) per module.

Take the leap and join us to access:

Gold Standard in Coaching
Global Faculty
ORSC Practitioners Globally
Applicable Toolkits, Skillset, Mindset & Heartset
Diverse network & community of practice across APAC
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Continue Your ORSC Journey


  • 23 Nov 2023, 8:00 am SGT – 25 Nov 2023, 4:30 pm SGT
    23 - 25 November 2023 | 8 am to 4.30 pm (GMT+08:00) | 3 Full Days This module integrates the learning lab where you ‘fuse’ the dimensions of Intelligence, Geography and Path. Systems Integration is the Move Toward Mastery and marks the completion of the ORSC ICF ACSTH Program.
  • 19 Oct 2023, 8:00 am SGT – 21 Oct 2023, 4:30 pm SGT
    19 - 21 October 2023 | 8am to 4.30pm (GMT+08:00) | 3 Full Days The third module of the intermediate series (but fourth in the ORSC journey) is ORSC™ Path. In Path we focus on Vision and Potential, whilst navigating conflict to bring this into fruition.
  • 28 Sept 2023, 8:00 am SGT – 30 Sept 2023, 4:30 pm SGT
    28 - 30 September 2023 | 8am to 4.30pm (GMT+08:00) | 3 Full Days Roles & Structure: The intermediate series continues with ORSC™ Geography which builds on Intelligence. This module explores Roles & Structures and equips you with its simple and elegant tools.
  • 24 Aug 2023, 8:00 am SGT – 26 Aug 2023, 4:30 pm SGT
    24 - 26 August 2023 | (GMT +8) | 3 Full Days The intermediate series begins with ORSC™ Intelligence. This module explores the Roadmap for Change and the role emotions play in the human relationship systems. A critical, yet often overlooked aspect of Change Management and OD.

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