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Businesses thrive when their people do.

Our executive coaching engagements firmly support and empower leaders. They uncover underlying de-railers, hone critical skills and change behaviours that directly impact business and leadership outcomes. The coverage of coaching includes strengthening executive presence to navigating conflict and improved communications, and messaging abilities.

Deep Dive into your leadership with an understanding of the self and your impact as a leader in the organization. We begin with an executive assessment of values, strengths, opportunities and potential with an understanding of future goals to determine the increase of your impact as a leader. This coaching program is recommended for executives transitioning into new roles, to new departments or to new organizations.

 Executive Framework 1:1


Leadership Asssessment or

360 Assessment 

Recommended: Hogan 360

Harness & Amplify Executive Presence & Leadership Style


Accountability &




Awareness & Alignment

Develop Goals


Relationships Mapping

Ripple & Elevate

Deep Dive into leadership skills and competencies critical in your role. We design unique
coaching program(s) that will effectively address your specific areas of developmental needs.

Core leadership skills and competencies we have helped clients become masterful at are:

Communicating with impact

Diversity & Inclusion

Response styles

to change &

Change management

Building Intelligent Teams (RSI™)

Conflict Management

Engagement & Motivation

Executive Coaching
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We hear that the challenges you navigate are complex, possibly unprecedented, which is why our partnership with you in coaching at the C-Suite level is designed to support and challenge your understanding and capacity to transcend your role as a functional thinker in to a systems and futures thinker.


We work to accelerate the executive's performance and increase his potential by leaning on to the principles of Relationship Systems Intelligence™ which strengthens and solidifies meaningful alliances in service of the Board. By harnessing collective wisdom and ownership, you foster effective culture and performance, thereby widening the ripple of impact that extends beyond your organization and in to the larger system of your industry.

The C-Suite | Senior Managers Coaching is recommended 1:1 and or with your team to catalyze systemic intelligence for maximum impact.




Navigating and leading sustainable change requires a systemic thinker, because when the environment changes, we must change with it, tailoring new approaches to leadership, development and success. We need to explore not only what we do but also, how we do it and how we work together as an organization and relationship system.


The Systems Approach enables leaders to see, encourage and harness the inherent intelligence of teams by leveraging the skillset, mindset and heart-set of your people. It shifts the focus of what is 'not' happening to what is 'trying' to happen; where the players and the output is more than the sum of each individual or event.


With Team | Systems | Organizational Coaching, we co-design the goals and co-create the process in working with your team or partnership to tackle challenges and opportunities that will grow (or even jumpstart) your organization. In this unique partnership process with you, we are constantly fine tuning to be accountable for relevance throughout the engagement so as to achieve the results you desire in an outcome.


Where we have helped clients create sustainable change:

Mergers & Acquisitions

Change Management

Diversity & Inclusion

Accelerating Transformation

Post-Covid Rejuvenation Strategy

Organizational Development

Business Continuity Strategy

Conflict Management

Workforce of the Future

Team Systems Coaching
E;f Coaching | Conflict Management, Work


Catalyze Growth | Rippling Impact

Our partnership with you can take on various forms. Together we will diagnose, design, deliver and assess your needs in any given context and circumstances.

Our approach uses a robust methodology to sustain lasting impact.

Our commitment is to be your growth partner. We build trust, nurture relationships, are results-oriented, and are collaborative people who love to challenge and stretch ourselves beyond boundaries for the sake of your agenda and growth.

Our work will support you through the changes of team, leadership and organizational growing pains until you get to where you really want to be.​

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