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11 Mar, 9:30 am SGT
3 Full Day Sessions


Gain mastery in coaching and leading teams remotely through the Virtual ORSC Program.


The Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching™(ORSC) Programme offers practical tools that increase emotional, social and relationship systems intelligence. Since 1996, the ORSC program by CRR Global is designed to comprehensively train leaders, consultants and coaches in working with relationship systems of all kinds including teams, organizations, couples and families.


ORSC™ is the first ICF (International Coach Federation) Systems-Based Accredited Coaching Programme.


The 5 ORSC Modules offers high interaction, retains experiential learning steeped in rigour and direct application throughout all of our program. Beyond accessing more than 30 tools which can be facilitated in person, and remotely, be connected to a community of world workers and Systems Practitioners across APAC in the upcoming Virtual Series.


ORSConnect and ORSCurious are community events brought to you by Elf Coaching.

  • 1: Virtual ORSC™ Fundamentals | 20-21 May 2021
    1: Virtual ORSC™ Fundamentals | 20-21 May 2021
    2 Full Days Sessions.
    20 May, 9:30 am SGT – 21 May, 6:00 pm SGT
    2 Full Days Sessions.
    Begin your journey with ORSC fundamentals. The innovative ORSC™ Fundamentals course explores a ground breaking model with a systems thinking approach in mastering and empowering your relationships at work and in life.
  • 5: Virtual ORSC™ Systems Integration | 27-29 May 2021
    5: Virtual ORSC™ Systems Integration | 27-29 May 2021
    3 Full Day Sessions
    27 May, 9:30 am SGT – 29 May, 6:00 pm SGT
    3 Full Day Sessions
    This module integrates the learning lab where you ‘fuse’ the dimensions of Intelligence, Geography and Path. Systems Integration is the Move Toward Mastery and marks the completion of the ORSC ICF ACSTH Program.

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ELF COACHING is a partner with CRR Global. We are responsible for managing ORSC™ programmes in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia & New Zealand under CRR Singapore.

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