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Boosting Leadership Support in a Time of Exceptional Crisis

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The impact of Covid-19 reflects the increasingly complex, interconnected nature of business and leadership that is emerging. Business, Teams and Leaders are being put to test and on the flip side, being given the opportunity to demonstrate their leadership maturity and organizational resilience to unleash higher potential.


In alignment to our commitment of service and support for our clients in the midst of a global pandemic, we have designed renewal initiatives that relate to and specifically address the systemic disruptions impacting you in this crisis. We witness the speed at which leaders are having to jump through hoops, adapt, adjust and the stressors that accompany them, making workplace well being an even greater concern in these times.


Unfortunately, disruptive events like Covid-19 does not come with a leadership manual, fortunately, we believe our offerings could be a vehicle for you and your teams to ride this wave stronger together.

The stakes in COVID-19 are high. 


Amplified support for clients as they strengthen their capacity for leadership and systems change is paramount and our priority. We believe that adversity brings with it a unique opportunity to thrive. One where we discover our capabilities by stretching beyond our own expectations.

We offer you our CovAid Renewal Initiatives which are immediately accessible.


May to July 2020

90 Minutes

Virtual Sessons


Situational Executive Coaching

For Executives Who LEAD teams on the FRONTLINE

This 90 minute virtual session offers leaders who need focused access to coaching support.


Atypical to the normal, structured coaching engagements, these virtual sessions create the confidential and supportive space to re-think, reframe and rejuvenate whilst discussing team and organizational challenges.


It facilitates the necessary pause in this sprint to not only survive but to advance; to process reactivity without judgment or competition.

Offering a systemic lens, un-welcomed experiences and un-wanted emotions will be processed and normalized. Executives will develop comfort with ambiguity as they gain appreciative clarity and deeper perspectives in understanding the shifts in your their leadership and the impact they need to create.

Situational Coaching


Virtual Re-Alignment with Teams

For Teams Who are pillars for your business

This 90 minute virtual session offers teams a safe and unbiased sounding board with ORSC* Coaches who understand the requirements of teams dynamics and leadership during crisis.


Team dynamics create unpredictability; when compounded with threats of COVID-19, the impact can break teams apart when left unaddressed.


We enable the critical ventilation, find right in the challenges and facilitate interactions that will renew and create new forms of collaboration and impact within the team system.

May to July 2020

90 Minutes

Virtual Sessons

Virtual Re-Alignment


Navigating the Flipside of Change

For Leaders at the helm who are challenged from multiple angles including health and safety of employees, fluctuating operations, unpredictable demands that impact business sustainability.

May to July 2020

90 Minutes

Virtual Sessons

This 90 minute virtual session creates the platform for you and your leadership team to huddle and quickly tackle a disruption or vet solutions. ​


Through coaching, consulting and facilitation, we offer a systemic approach to deal with the ambiguity of the moving parts.

Our process increases the leader's aptitude and capacity to work with what is emerging from the crisis rather than what  is happening.

Working in alignment strengthens the collective decision around complex issues which are interdependent. Discussions could include assessing operational disruption, determining potential impact on business sustainability, leadership dilemmas and employee and workplace well-being.

Flipside of Change


Facilitated Well-Being Forum

People Matter

May to July 2020

90 Minutes

Virtual Sessons

Stress is the single biggest impact during times of change and especially in this Covid-19 crisis.


This 2 hour virtual discussion forum facilitates the release of stressful experiences where your team speak to emotions such as overwhelm, fear, guilt and feeling disconnected.


Through this forum, we define how to be with and work together through challenging times. Leaning into others, harnessing collective strength, this forum reveals that we are not alone in this collective experience.
Individuals learn to take ownership and teams emerge resilient.

Well-Being Forum

It was well organized and the speakers were carefully selected and expert on their fields. The topics presented were useful in running the day-to-day operations.

s.Andreea Milhalcea

Bucharest Chamber of  Commerce

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