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Farhann Ali




Elf Coaching | CRR Global Partner

- Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand

Co-Founder | Managing Partner

Catalyzing human growth in Heartset, Mindset & Skillset

Having lived across continents in Singapore, Australia and Middle East, and worked in the oil and gas, trade finance and multiple commodities sectors, Farhann deeply believes that business is more than a transaction, it is a relationship.


As an enabler in catalyzing growth and a life long learner, he invests as much time in increasing his own capacity and capabilities as well as that of his client partners. With a Masters of Science in Innovation and Masters in Tri-Sectorial Collaboration, he shares fresh perspectives on multi-modal thinking for new times in the areas of design thinking, tri-sectorial thinking and futures thinking to strengthen organizational resilience and sustainability.


Leadership is transformative work and results take practice. As a practitioner, he applies coaching and systemic thinking within his own organization to hone the Heartset, Skillset and Mindset of his team and partners.


It is through witnessing first hand the impact of systemic coaching in his own life that he decided to bring this to APAC so that more people would be able to access these tools to ripple impact in their own communities and organization.


Elf Coaching is currently CRR Global's Global Alliance Partner for Singapore & Malaysia, Philippines, Australia and New Zealand for an ICF Accredited Programme called Organisational & Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC).

Farhann prides himself in working behind the scenes, we thought the picture is apt.

Elfarina Zaid




Elf Coaching | CRR Global Partner

- Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand

Co-Founder | Managing Partner

A human growth partner focused on humanizing organizations.

  • LinkedIn

Elfarina co-founded Elf Coaching in 2009 with the purpose of delivering custom designed experiential and executive education programmes which demonstrate the best combination of Asian values with leading global practices in the areas of human capability and leadership with a focus on Coaching, Leadership Development, Innovation and Partnerships. Elf Coaching is currently CRR Global's Global Alliance Partner in APAC for Singapore & Malaysia, Philippines, Australia and New Zealand.


Believing in the courage to be ‘Creators of Value; Leaders of Impact for a Better Age’, Elfarina supports organisations to build and manage multi-dimensional leadership and innovative partnerships to address the current volatile and ambiguous climate. She has deep knowledge of Asian culture and employs systems thinking and process facilitation in various areas of strategic planning, human capital development and employee engagement.


Based in Singapore and with an international reach, she is an Internationally Certified Coach (CPCC, ORSCC, PCC) and Accredited Partnership Broker with extensive experience working with private clients, leaders and organisations across the private and public sector. She blends her corporate experience of luxury brand management, community role as Director of Strategic Development with Singapore Business Council, UAE; with her acute sense of cross cultural understanding having lived and worked in Australia, Europe, Asia and Middle East over 8 years. Her diverse career spans hospitality, events and luxury brand management for over a decade with Vacheron Constantin, Emirates Airlines and Progolf (Golf Distributor in the MENA region).


Elfarina is Faculty of CRR Global for ORSC programs as well as Faculty of CTI for Co-Active programs; both of which are leading ICF Accredited coaching training schools in the fields of individual and executive, systems and team coaching. She is an Associate Coach and Facilitator with the Singapore Civil Service College working with various Ministries, Agencies, Statutory Boards and public institutions. She is also an Adjunct Faculty with NUS Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, delivering Executive Education programs.


Elfarina is a recipient of the Global Leadership Coaching Award by the World Coaching Congress and International Coach Federation Cultural Competency Scholarship Award. She has spoken at several industry conferences globally and is a published author. Some of her partnerships include Schlumberger, Volvo, Ford, Tapestry: COACH | kate spade, Google, Lego, EOS, SMU, NUS, ENBD, RHB, Clarins, and governments across Asia. Having lived across APAC, Middle East and Europe, she finds home with her husband (and business partner) and 2 daughters.


Accreditations / Certifications:

  • Professional Certified Coach by ICF

  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)

  • Organisation and Relationship Systems Certified (ORSCC)

  • Masters of Science in Innovation (MSc)

  • Hogan Leadership Assessment Licensed

  • Working knowledge of LSI, Birkman, FIRO-B, 360 Assessment, Gallup Surveys

  • Executive Education: Babson College, US | ESSEC Business School, France


Awards and Achievements:

  • Global Leadership Coaching Award by World Coaching Congress

  • International Coach Federation Cultural Competency Scholarship

  • Published Journal: In Search of Asian Conceptions of Leadership with Focus on Mindfulness by World Scientific Publishing

  • Presented Conference Paper: Improved Employee Retention and Focussed Action at International Petroleum Conference, KL, Malaysia

Eslinda Hamzah



Elf Coaching | Associate Partner

Empowering Change & Transformation

  • LinkedIn

Eslinda Hamzah is a coaching consultant, a leadership/executive coach and the Associate Partner at Elf Coaching committed to humanizing organisations.

Eslinda has worked within international organisations in the broadcast media industry and IT, holding management positions. Her decade long experience as a senior management executive at Turner International instilled in her the philosophy of leadership as a away of being, not just a set of skills; that leadership is an endeavour of the heart and head. It requires reflection as well as action and that self awareness is fundamental to personal and professional growth. This philosophy over time sowed the seeds of a future career in leadership, human and organizational development.

Eslinda thrives on empowering growth and development. She has been helping individuals and organisations build the capacity to become fuller and more vibrant so they can constantly transform to be adaptable and agile in a progressively complicated world. As a people enthusiast who values differences, she has an incisive appreciation of multicultural diversity and it’s inclusion for the tremendous value it brings as a mindset, to relationships in businesses and the workplace. Her experience speaks to diversity as an essential enhancer of corporate productivity, performance and talent engagement.

In her past careers of 2 decades, Eslinda had navigated mergers and acquisitions; both as a change and transition agent and as a beneficiary to a high degree of success. She sees Change as Opportunity. Her broad understanding of international business with all its rewards and challenges enables her to quickly grasp situations and assess what is needed in her current field of consulting, leadership development, coaching and training.

She brings broad, unique insights and perspectives into concepts of disruption to provoke the status quo, compelling positive reframes and appreciation of conflict to be leveraged in developing transformational mindsets, fueling creative collaboration, motivating employee engagement and propelling high performance.

She employs a systemic approach in bringing all elements of transformation into balance; including strategy, leadership, human resources, culture, new offerings and experiences. Eslinda designs curriculum and leads training programs for coaches, leaderships, teams and organisations. She specializes in the process of learning and sustainable change for viable growth and positive impact.

The Hogan Assessment is Eslinda's preferred executive assessment tool in transformational and performance coaching because they are relevant and remarkably reliable in providing strategic self awareness insights. Assessing the Hogan with clients as a strategic foundation of an engagement opens a clear path towards enhanced development and leadership-building. It has strategically helped her clients navigate and accelerate critical change for optimal performance.


An internationally accredited and certified coach (ACC, CPCC, ORSCC), Eslinda is a Faculty of CRR Global spearheading Systems Inspired Leadership and Coaching and a Hogan certified assessor.

Across the globe since 2015, Eslinda has been coaching teams and executives in professional & leadership development. Executive and organisational accomplishments include Randstad (Singapore, Australia, India), United Overseas Bank (Singapore and Malaysia), Volvo Singapore, SAP, Singapore Prisons, Google, EOS, Perfetti Van Melle (Indonesia) and Otis (Asia Pacific), Emirates National Bank of Dubai (Singapore), KPMG Law (Taiwan) and Bloomberg (Hong Kong).

Accreditations / Certifications:

  • Associate Certified Coach by ICF (ACC)

  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)

  • Organisation and Relationship Systems Certified Coach (ORSCC)

  • Hogan Leadership Assessor Licensed

  • Faculty, CRR Global (ICF accredited organisation and relationship systems coaching training school)


  • Senior Vice President - Turner International Asia Pacific Ltd for CNN International Content, Proprietary Properties & Strategic Partnerships.

  • Managing Director - Diligent (Enterprise Software) APAC

  • Lead Global Consultant - Rappler Inc. Digital News Network

  • Regional Director Asia Pacific - Associated Press Television News

  • Director Distribution & Client Relations S.E.A - Asia Business News

Faiz Gani



Elf Coaching | Program Catalyst

Uplift and bring out the best

in everyone.

Faiz Gani is a program catalyst that specialises in facilitating all the programs in ELF. His work practice is profoundly based on strategic thinking but also always lead by a hint of intuition. With a background in the airline industry, he puts the best interest of his customers and co-workers as priority and applied his organizational skills and natural charisma to help anyone around him bring the best in themselves or ensuring a pleasant flight for his customers.


Being the program catalyst for ELF, his role ensures a smooth and fuss-free process for our participants, pre, during and post program. His selflessness draws existing and future participants and helped them feel at ease every time they need to drop an enquiry. His direct and honest approach to his work enhance and build a strong connection with the general public or the participants he tries to help.


Having a passion to be the connection for ELF to NLP, TLT and Hypnotherapy, he aims to incorporate his area of practice into the ORSC experience as he found that the brand ethos of ‘humanising organisation’ rings well. Faiz believe that through this aspects of systems coaching, it can help our participants grow their professional and personal brands to their full potential.


With a background in music, Faiz is an exceptional keyboardist and guitarist with a penchant for musical arrangements and performing live with his band. Having performed for local TV stations, notable night spots in Singapore, he always brings his quirky and creative self through sincere melodies and arrangements that might just tug at your heart strings. His years of performing with the live band amalgamates his ethos of marrying his passion and talent through drive and practice. 

Faiz also radiates positivity. His personal mantra in life is ‘There’s always a better way for everything.’. This stems from his belief that it is important to always uplift and bring out the best in everyone. This trait is evident through this interaction with ELF team. He also highly advocate for practicality and being nice, where he will candidly quip, ‘Can’t be nice, don’t be nasty’.


Serena Lim



Elf Coaching | Capabilities Catalyst

We all strive to be the best in our field, but you can only do that with a plan in mind and putting in the work.

Led by her principle of being meticulous and task driven, Serena proves to be a seasoned support to the team through her extensive experience with all administrative tasks. This includes all the scheduling and correspondence that happens front or back end. 


Adopting her personal life mantra of ‘Live And Let Live’, she approach any difficulties and challenges with a calmness and her can-do attitude. This energy is infectious and it transpires through her interaction with her co-workers, especially when she provides a smooth and efficient administrative support for the directors and team members. Her role revolves around coordinating and scheduling personal and business calendar appointments, events and errands; communications and travel.


Serena would describe herself as reserved, self-aware, sensitive, open-minded and methodical. These traits are evident through her working style. Despite her reserved nature, she never shied away from being a sport and participating in all internal team activities. As she would quip, ‘Uplift each other, for the betterment of the whole organization’. You can always count on her for anything.


During her downtime, you can probably find her by the beach, chilling with zero care. That is her way to reset and recentre herself after a long week at work. ‘Me’ time is integral to how she spends her days off from work. Hiking, swimming and attending yoga classes are some her other favourite activities. These activities as a way for her to realign her thoughts and add some structure to her life. She stresses that good headspace is important as mental resilience needs building and we should all not neglect it.


She resonates with the ‘humanizing’ aspect of the company. Having a background in a fast paced operations support most of her career, she realized that we all sometimes fail to set aside time to refocus. Adding the human aspect to systems work is key. We all strive to be the best in our field, but you can only do that with a plan in mind and putting in the work. When everything goes crazy, she would usually stop, and try to reassess the situation.


She cheerfully adds, “When time gets tough, go out, slow down to centre your core and go back in facing the real world and be a badass again. We all experience tough times in our lives, so always be prepared!”.





Elf Coaching | Brand And Experience Catalyst

Embrace change and your life becomes an adventure.

A visual communicator living in Singapore. His works are focused on editorial design, brand identities, logos and all kind of printed matter. The imaginative worlds staged by Hakim are infused with nostalgia and inspired by unexplored spaces, patrimony, knowledge transmission and encounters.


With a background in media and industries, his works are focused on editorial design, brand identities, logos and all kind of printed matter. His portfolio covers a wide range from fashion styling, graphic design to visual merchandising such as furniture and clothing articles. Inspired by everything around him, he stuck by this motto by, Vogue’s former creative director, Grace Coddington, ‘Never sleep in the bus’ and choose to infuse his work with unexplored spaces, patrimony, knowledge transmission and encounters.


His previous stint with the fashion industry, specifically, a local menswear label, has helped him apply his skills that drives beautiful imagery for the brand, online conversions and communicating brand flavor to the general public. All his efforts has led his clients flourish and landed him coverage in 2 episodes for a lifestyle program in a local TV station.


He graduated with BA (hons) in media and industries from Lasalle College of The Arts Singapore. His work during his final year in University has also found its way to international publication like Blurring The Lines™ and Nowness.


Having a penchant for curating the customer journey through impactful content, he aims to create strategic solutions by the likes of sleek design, creativity and innovation. You will see glimpse of his work whenever you subscribe to the brand’s content and realize how much he stresses on building the brand’s personality so that it connects to you, it’s audience, while increasing the value of our product.


He resonated with an aspect of the brand’s program on how in system work, it is always in the constant state of emergence therefore his practice is always under construction. You will realize that his work is not attached to any particular style, and he approach the visual identity of the brand as an open adventure that opens a question that will draw people in. He aims to move the current boundaries revolving around the coaching industry to what people are used to seeing and experience.

It was well organized and the speakers were carefully selected and expert on their fields. The topics presented were useful in running the day-to-day operations.

s.Andreea Milhalcea

Bucharest Chamber of  Commerce

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