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Innovate Your Approach, Elevate Your Impact, Celebrate Your Growth

official partner of CRRGlobal


We are people enthusiasts who are passionate about developing people and teams.

Who Are We?

Based in Singapore with a global reach and regional presence, we bridge the best combination of Asian values with leading global practices. We established in 2009 and continue to maintain a strong presence in the Asia-Pacific region, working with Fortune 500 companies and governments in Asia.

Our vision is humanizing organisations globally.

​We embrace diversity and respect; our mission is to be your people growth partner in offering experiential programmes that improve leadership and team resilience; catalyzing growth and rippling impact.

We Speak Asia Pacific

Through our brand PEOPLE RIPPLE, we work in partnership to really listen to what you need.


Our solutions don't come out of the box ready to plug and play. We don't assume to know your business. We pride ourselves in timely identifying your leadership and people challenges then co-designing strategies to address them - together.  We get into the grit of your journey in our process. ​​


Our role is to help you become aware of your strengths and challenges to co-create ripples of meaningful impact because "business is more than a transaction, it is a relationship."

We Ripple Effect
A Systems Approach

Navigating change in this VUCA environment requires systemic thinking that harnesses the skillset, mindset and heartset  of your people. With a systems approach, we shift the focus of what is 'not' happening to what is 'trying' to happen; where the players and the output is more than the sum of each individual or event. 

​Backed with a globally accredited toolbox, philosophy and methodologies that combine coaching, consulting, mediation, organizational development, process work; agile, design and systems thinking, we push the bar beyond team performance to organizational resilience and sustainability.

Get Accredited

We advocate a coaching culture and are passionate about its transformational impact. Through our brand CRR APAC, we run a coaching training school on Team and Systems Coaching.


Whilst we offer customized offerings with our partners to address your needs in organizational and people development, we understand the increasing importance for leaders and individuals to be en-abled to lead teams effectively. 


The Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC®) is the first Systems and Team Coaching to be Internationally Accredited and recognized by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Considered as the Gold Standard in Coaching as well as a rigorous toolkit for practitioners working with teams, we offer public and in-house programs as CRR Global Alliance Partner in Asia Pacific.


Get trained and Internationally Certified with ORSC®.

Our Ripples

It was well organized and the speakers were carefully selected and expert on their fields. The topics presented were useful in running the day-to-day operations.

s.Andreea Milhalcea

Bucharest Chamber of  Commerce

—  Name, Title

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